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Waxing is perfect hair removal method for super thick hair and for the people who finds removing unwanted hair with the thread is really painful. It is quick with instant results. Waxing effectively removes large amount of hair at once and is last longer than any other methods. After waxing the skin feels silky smooth for weeks to come and repeated waxing over long periods of time makes hair growth lesser and finer.

       Eye Brows                 $15         
       Lips                           $10 

       Chin                          $10

       Sideburns                  $15+  

       Forehead                   $10

       Neck                         $10

       Full Face                   $45

       Full Legs                   $70

       Half Legs                   $40

       Full Arms                   $40

       Under Arms                $20
       Stomach                     $25   

       Back Waxing              $45

       Bikini Line                 $25

       Brazilian (Female)      $55



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