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Eyelash  Extension

Longer, fuller lashes is something that we have always dreamed about. To make eye looks wider and more lifted, we attached individual lashes one by one to each of the original lashes. With proper care, it would last up to six weeks before all the extension shed. Refills are great way to extend the life of eye lashes and recommended every two to three weeks refills.

CLASSIC FULL SET                 $120        
       2 Weeks Fill                        $45
       3 Weeks Fill                        $55
HYBRID FULL SET                   $150
        2 Weeks Fill                        $55
        3 Weeks Fill                        $65

VOLUME FULL SET                 $200
       2 Weeks Fill                        $65
       3 Weeks Fill                        $75

EYELASH REMOVAL               $30

       Eyelash Lift & Tint             $70
       Eyelash Tint                       $15
       Eyebrows Tint                    $20
       Eyebrows Henna Tint          $30


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